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I SKI unTIL I BREAK MY KNEE, NEVER STEp IN HANDICAP PARKING SPOTS, WATCH THE JIMMY FALLON SHOW EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT FOR THE THANK YOU NOTES SEGMENT, DRIVE A MINI COOPER BECAUSE OF MY BIG PERSONALITY, am fueled by red bull and fomo, wear my heart on puffy sleeves, PREFER MY ice cream with rainbow sprinkles, and cheer on the cubbies Till death do us part.

I love to discover what makes people tick, their innermost wants and needs. Their desires are the human truths that make up the intent of advertising and have the potential to create purposeful messages.  I'm a person who is true to my emotions and expresses passion in all that I do. Advertising has become a great space for me to combine my skills and attributes in an industry that I love. I feel I can make a great impact as an art director in the advertising industry. 


BEAUTY RE-FRAMED 2024 Young Ones Finalist Advertising: Experiential & Immersive
BEAUTY RE-FRAMED2024 Young Ones Shortlist Advertising: Artificial Intelligence Idea
ONCLOUD 2024 Young Ones Shortlist Advertising: Television / Film / Online Video
VELVEETA 2024 Young Ones Shortlist Advertising: Print, Promotional &OOH 
SANDISK 2024 Young Ones Shortlist Advertising: Art Direction
PHILLIPS 2024 Young Ones Shortlist Advertising: Art Direction
2024 Silver Telly Award 

brands I've worked with

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