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Consumer Insight: Pregnant and postpartum women struggle to fit into their favorite clothing, but hesitate to pay for a new wardrobe in a size they hope isn't permanent

Brand Insight: Your clothes should fit you, not the other way around.

tv spot


out of home

Intentionally placing these advertisements where our target market will see them

Doctor, OBGYN offices and hospitals

Outside of preschool or elementary school communities 

Women's locker room at the gym

Transit locations where woman might commute to work 


Revamp social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook to be more inclusive of the pregnant and postpartum community of women. The goal is to normalize changes within the consumer's social media interaction.

Women can use the "Add Yours" feature on instagram to add images on social media depicting their new experiences in life. Using the hashtag #Nuuly to help create a unified community of women experiencing "Nuuly" moments

Mothers love any excuse to share photos of their babies. We are giving them another reason to do so, we know that they'll love to use this feature


When you sign up for a Nuuly clothing rental subscription, new members can update their account profile as a member of the pregnant or postpartum community of women. Nuuly will welcome them with a special self care package with their next monthly purchase. Because at Nuuly, we celebrate change. 


Nuuly will host and stream a one of a kind fashion show with only pregnant women showing off Nuuly's latest clothing line. Clothing rental members can be entered to participate in a local runway show. Those who attend or view the fashion show can immediately rent clothes they see and subscribe for a Nuuly membership. Other brands and venders who target a similar demographic may be invited to attend and share their merchandise.

Art Director: Emily DeMordaunt

Copywriter: Kate Salisbury

Director and Content Creator: Madison Mcvey

Strategist: Camille Whisenant

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